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Welcome to Wagener Edition.
My name is Jürgen M. Wagener, and I am pleased to offer the following:

  1. The Wagener Edition booklist (begun in 2003)
  2. Reprints published by the former Verlagsgruppe Zeller (Otto Zeller Verlag, Biblio Verlag, Osnabrück)

Our goal is to make available in reprint editions compendiums of knowledge from centuries past. We focus on landmark works by scholars and scientists who significantly advanced our state of knowledge and whose findings continue to set the standard in their specific fields.

Book dealers receive a 25% discount, libraries the standard library discount. No shipment charges worldwide!

For our customers in the European Union we prefer payment by the EU-Standard-Bank-Transfer. However, you may also pay via PayPal. My account: jmw@wagener-edition.de

For your recherches you can use our categories or the search field or the keyword listing (NEWS).

And now, enjoy our site!
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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